Aphrodite grande


Baaa by Apricot Moon

Blue Star Petite


Bountiful Feathers by Hermione Agee

Bubble Wrap Double take

Bubbles by Apricot Moon

Butterfly Bliss

Butterflies by Deb Geissler

Chestnut Swirls by Deb Geissler


Daisies by Deb Geissler

Dancing Leaves by Deb Geissler

Dave's Hotwheels

Deb's Feathers by Deb Geissler

Double Bubble by Patricia Ritter

Double Hearts by Deb Geissler

Dragonflies by Deb Geissler



Feather Flower


Feathers by Deb Geissler

Fresco Feathers

Ginkgo Leaf by Deb Geissler

Hearts and Hands by Deb Geissler

Hearts and Swirl by Deb Geissler

Hibiscus by Deb Geissler

Honeycomb by Patricia Ritter

Irenes Swirls by Irene Moreaux

Irish Swirls by Deb Geissler

Japanese Maple by Deb Geissler


Kid's toys


Lotus Swirls by Janet-Lee Santeusanio

Maggies Rose by Deb Geissler

Mistletoe by Patricia Ritter & Hermione Agee

Modern Beach bubbles by Jessica Schick

Monkey Jungle

Nemesh Feather Grande

New Stars by Deb Geissler

Oak Leaves by Deb Geissler

Pinwheel by Patricia Ritter

Plumeria Garden by Lisa H. Calle

Sashiko by Patricia E. Ritter & Marybeth O'Halloran

Shamrocks by Deb Geissler

Simple Butterfly

Snowflakes by Deb Geissler

Soccer Flames

Spirals Galore by Deb Geissler

Spools of Thread by Deb Geissler

Square Peg Round hole by Patricia E. Ritter & Tracy Russel

Sugar Rose

Sunflower by Deb Geissler

Swirls by Deb Geissler

Time Warp by Patricia E. Ritter

Triangle Maze by Janet Lee Santeusanio

Triple Heart Butterfly by Deb Geissler


Wind Chimes

Wind Swirls

Laten quilten