SewEzi sewing tables 

SewEzi is the ideal sewing table for comfortable sewing. When you use your sewing machine on a (dinner) table, you adopt a suboptimal posture, straining your neck and shoulders. On a SewEzi sewing machine table your sewing machine is placed on a sunken platform in the table, so that you have a comfortable work posture. In this way, you can sew for longer periods of time.

SewEzi uses a smart design so that your sewing machine always fits. The Plexiglas filler plate between your worktop and your machine is tailored to your machine’s make and model.

Many accessories are available, making the sewing experience even more pleasant. 

SewEzi Basic

The SewEzi Basic is the easy-to-fold and easy-to-transport model.

(50 x 90 x 10 cm, 11 kg)

It has two handles and two wheels for easy transport. Take the SewEzi Basic along confidently to your course or workshop, or on holiday.

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SewEzi Grande

The SewEzi Grande is our larger, portable table. This table has been designed for more permanent situations than the SewEzi Basic. The Grande is bigger and stronger and its work surface is almost twice as large. It is ideal for larger and heavier machines, but it can also be used for all ‘normal’ sewing machines. 

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Extension table

The SewEzi extension table is the extra work table which you should not go without. The work surface is smooth so the fabric can glide easily over the table. The SewEzi extension table allows you to create the extra work space you need.

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Cutting table

A new item in the SewEzi range is the cutting table. The SewEzi cutting table is height-adjustable so that you can cut, draw or trim at your perfect height. The sturdy table is crafted in MDF wood, the same material as the other SewEzi tables. It has round corners and a smooth, firm surface. 

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Many accessories are available, making the sewing experience even more pleasant.
For example:

  • a thread stand
  • leg exstensions
  • a brace
  • an accessory tray
  • a plexiglas plate to use your table as a lightbox
  • a wooden insert that fills the hole in the table, thus converting it into a full table.

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